The Non-Life Insurance Associations of the R.O.C. offers the following functions and services:
  1. Serves as a bridge among government agencies, insurance companies, consumers and society, and sponsors programs and events which benefit the general public.
  2. Designs new insurance services and forms to accommodate the ever changing needs of the society and the customers. In addition to the traditional insurance services, the Non-Life Insurance Association of the R.O.C. has designed special policies such as insurance for security companies and banker's legal liability insurance, covering safe-deposit boxes.
  3. Establishes and updates insurance tariff to stabilize the insurance market and to protect rights and benefits of the consumers.
  4. Audits the special fire insurance premium to accommodate the unique requirements of special industries and large businesses via the establishment of a Special Premium Review Committee.
  5. Organizes and administers Fishing Vessel Insurance Pool and Bulk Cargo Insurance Pool via two especially designated committees.
  6. Improves the underwriting and claims adjusting procedure to enhance the effectiveness of automobile insurance claims auditing and minimizes insurance costs by researching for more efficient automobile maintenance and repair, and by establishing standard hourly labor rate for automobile mechanics.
  7. Leads research and development tasks for the insurance industry to keep up with the social changes. As a society advances, its complexity and danger increases accordingly. Under that environment, insurance becomes the best shield against life and property casualties. Therefore, it is critical to constantly improve the existing service and design new items to meet the insurance needs of the ever changing society.
  8. Establishes the Consumer Help and Complaint Service Center to support the Ministry of Finance's initiative on "improving automobile insurance service quality" by answering consumer inquiries and taking care of customer complaints.
  9. Promotes public recognition of the compulsory automobile insurance practice to ensure public understanding of the necessity and benefits of automobile insurance for the protection of society at large and to make known the direction and strategy of the automobile insurance administration industry.
  10. Advocates international business affairs to manage reinsurance tasks, explore international insurance market and handle relevant international affairs by establishing an International Affairs Committee.
  11. Establishes a committee of solicitors under the authority of the Ministry of Finance to conduct qualification test, training, and registration of solicitors.