The Non-Life Insurance Association of the R.O.C., formerly the Taipei Non-Life Insurance Association, was established on April 1, 1949. Its members were originally composed of life and nonlife insurance companies in Taiwan. Its objectives were:
  1. To assist and comply with the government in enforcing all insurance laws;
  2. To promote development of the insurance industry in Taiwan.
  3. To protect and ensure the mutual goals and interests of its members;
  4. To accelerate the growth of the insurance industry and to provide welfare to the general public.
According to the insurance law, it is illegal for an insurer to do both life and non-life insurance business. Therefore, with the approval of the Ministry of Finance in the fall of 1964, the Taipei Insurance Association officially split into The Taipei Non-Life Insurance Association and The Taipei Life Insurance Association. Among the twenty-six current member companies, nine of them are foreign insurers. Branches of member companies are spread throughout island wide. The local companies have a total of 149 branches and 553 liaison offices. Altogether, the member companies have 13,554 employees. Although the association headquarter is situated in Taipei, it could provide its member companies reach every corner of Taiwan province through their numerous branches and liaison offices. In compliance with the revised Business Organization Act, The Non-life Insurance Association of the R.O.C. was founded on June 7, 1998. In order to avoid overlapping and wasting of resources, the Taipei Insurance Association was merged into the Non-life Insurance Association of the R.O.C. in June 1999.