The missions of The Non-Life Insurance Association of the R.O.C. are:
  1. To assist its members in conducting survey, statistics, research and development programs andactivities;
  2. To coordinate, negotiate and establish insurance businessrules, regulations and premiumstandards;
  3. To protect and improve the mutual welfare of its member companies;
  4. To eradicate business misconduct or legal violations by its member companies and to arbitrate dispute resolutions;
  5. To sponsor technical and business related continuing education programs for insurance professionals;
  6. To assist in applying, updating, and renewing professional/business licenses and handlingrelated tasks for its members;
  7. To keep abreast and maintain contact with domestic and international insurance markets
  8. To support government administrations on special projects and activities;
  9. To appeal and make suggestions to government administrations on behalf of its members;
  10. To administer and fulfill public obligations of the insurance industry;
  11. To coordinate and conduct public announcement and business promotions for its members;
  12. To support the government in participating in public events.